E. Emerson Tool Co.

Maker of the All-in-One Straight Edge Clamp


Welcome to E. Emerson Tool Co., maker of the ALL-IN-ONE Straight Edge Clamp!

Simple // Instead of c-clamping a “straight” piece of stock, or manhandling a heavy sheet of plywood onto your table saw, our ALL-IN-ONE Woodworking Clamp has the clamping mechanism built into the straight edge, and clamps with the snap of a lever.

Manageable // Thanks to a patented design, our ALL-IN-ONE clamps are fitted with integral tubes that run the length of the extrusions, keeping the tool light yet increasing its rigidity.

Affordable // With our All-IN-ONE clamp, you get table saw results for a fraction of the cost. We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend big, to get a straight cut with your circular saw or router.

Versatile // It can be used to rip plywood, make joiner operations on your table saw, double as a fence for your drill press & band saw, and exerts up to 600 psi of force for tough glue-ups. We’re confident that the ALL-IN-ONE Clamp is a tool you’ll reach for, again and again!

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