C24 – 24″ C Series Straight Edge Clamp


It won’t take up a ton of space on smaller projects, but still provides rigidity and consistency.

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If you are looking for a fence for your drill press or your band saw, or regularly find yourself needing to complete small assemblies and glue ups but lack the tools, look no further than E. Emerson Tool Company’s All-In-One, 24″ Straight Edge Contractor Clamp. Expertly engineered, this nearly pocket-sized, easy to use clamp is based on the same, winning center rod design we use for all our products, and has maximized rigidity and accuracy. In other words, it may be small, but it packs a punch!

With the same integral design features as our longer clamps, it is the most dependable and well-designed product in its class. Integral tubes run the length of the extra wide extrusion, making it both rigid and extremely light, which means less work for you! With an extra low profile and a flat top, the Contractor Series stays out of your way, whether you are working with a drill press or band saw, or are completing a complex assembly.

If you find that you need something a little longer, take a look at our All-In-One, 36″ Straight Edge Contractor Clamp—or C36—which is perfect for hobbyists, professionals or first time users!

Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 4 × 2 in
Wide guide rail

Offers the advantages of a 2.5" wide rail, for exceptional rigidity

Low profile

A 0.5" high profile, so it\\\\\'s not in your way when you\\\\\'re working

Joiner cuts

Convenient for joiner cuts on your table saw

Smaller projects

Good for small assemblies and glue ups, because it doesn\\\'t get in the way!

Pre-drilled jaws

Nylon jaws hold work piece securely and are pre-drilled for accessory Wide Jaws and Tall Jaws


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