CT50 – 50″ C Series Twin Clamp


The perfect partner for larger glue-ups, and any project where you need to stabilize something above your worktable.

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Building a table? Putting some cabinets together? Perfect for larger complex projects, our CT50 clamp attaches to your work surface and to the workpiece itself, allowing you to get a square frame easily and set larger glue-ups to dry. You no longer need to use c-clamps and stabilizing wood frames, to keep it from bowing, and sanding is a breeze, with the workpiece stabilized while you work. Say goodbye to unwieldy and complicated! Say hello to DONE.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 6 × 2 in
Low profile

Recessed tracks keep the profile at 0.5" high and out of your way


One faces up and the other faces down, so you can clamp to the workbench and to the workpiece

Single extrusion

The two sides aren\\'t welded together, they are extruded in one shot, so you don\\'t have to worry about stress fractures or weakpoints

Simplifies glue-ups

Removes need for c-clamps and glue-up frames


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