E. Emerson Tool Co.

Maker of the All-in-One Straight Edge Clamp

Who We Are

Before going into business on his own, Eugene E. Emerson demonstrated a number of excellent products for Bridge City Tools, Incra Jigs and Tru Grip clamps. He also designed a number of tools for his past employers, but launched E. Emerson Tool Company in 1999 to manufacture and sell his new invention—the ALL IN ONE Straight Edge Clamp. With his improvements and a few months of serious tweaking, the patented clamp worked better than any before it, perfecting the product category. It clamped securely, keeping the straight edge in place and all but eliminating side shift. Prior to using the All In One, buying and working with straight edge clamps was maddening, but he made it simple and straightforward! He believes that getting a straight cut should be easy, affordable and accessible.

That’s his passion. That’s who we are.

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