E. Emerson Tool Co.

Maker of the All-in-One Straight Edge Clamp

Who Are We?

That’s an easy one.

Here’s a question for you: What do you do when you’re working the trade-show circuit, selling other peoples’ products every weekend?

You start designing your own.

Before going into business for himself, Eugene demonstrated a number of excellent products for Bridge City Tools, Incra Jigs and Tru Grip clamps. He also designed a number of tools for those employers and, realizing the value of his inventions, launched E. Emerson Tool Company in 1999 to manufacture and sell the All-In-One Straight Edge Clamp himself. With patented improvements that increased ease-of-use, the new design was consistent and secure–all but eliminating side shift–and significantly lighter than the competition. Buying and working with a straight edge clamp went from maddening to magical. He had designed and delivered a high quality, DIY product that made peoples’ lives easier–every day. Jackpot.

That’s his passion. And that’s who we are.

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